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Dear friends!

Information technology is among the most dynamically developing sectors of the world economy not only from technical point of view, but speaking about legal framework as well. Information security is a very important part of this area and it creates a lot of new tasks for businesses all around the world. In a constantly changing environment more and more professional people — from security chiefs of the largest corporations and government companies to technical professionals — are seeking for a trustworthy guide to the core information security issues. Since 2004 this role has been successfully played by the magazine «Zaŝita informacii. Inside». It became true help in solving everyday matters of information security for many professionals all around the country. It’s the Russian only periodic, scientific, informational-methodical magazine in the area of information protection.

The magazine reports about main trends and updates in the area of information security, highlights the best world practice, advises about regulations on Russian information security market, provides its readers with scientific articles written by the brightest Russian and foreign specialists of the field.

Sergey Petrenko

About magazine «Zaŝita informacii. Inside»

The magazine is included in Russian System of Scientific Citation and in abstract databases. It contains articles regarding information security topics such as the following:

  • Computer systems security
  • Technical data protection
  • Information systems and code audit
  • Cyber security etc.

Each article has a block where authors contact details (including email) are presented.

The magazine is printed on a white cameo-coated paper with comfortable for reading format and type, on the equipment of offset polygraphy.

The magazine is registered on May 26, 2004.

Media Registration number: PI № 77-18089

Subscription index in catalogs: 84663, 84592, 10770

  • Issued: bimonthly
  • Volume: 96 pages
  • Format: A4 (210×297 mm)
  • Weight: 320 g

International Standard Serial Number — ISSN 2413-3582 = Zaŝita informacii. Inside.

Issue of the magazine for review


Sergey Petrenko, Doctor of Engineering Sciences; Professor at IS Department of ETU (LETI)

Editorial Board

  • Aleksandr Baranov, Doctor of Physico-Mathematical Sciences, Professor; Main Research Computational Centre of the Federal Tax Service of Russian Federation, Deputy General Director
  • Michail Buynevich, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor; St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications, Department of Protected Communication Systems
  • Vladimir Gerasimenko, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Senior Research Officer; General Director of «Consulting Bureau of Complex Security «Help-KB»
  • Valeriy Konyavskiy, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor; Member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Academician of Academia of Electrotechnical Sciences; Scientific adviser of All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Computer Technology and Informatization Problems
  • Svetlana Koryagina, Business Development Expert at OCS
  • Aleksandr Kostyukov, PhD, Senior Research Officer; Associated Professor, of Information Security Department of Sevastopol State University
  • Pavel Mazhnikov, PhD, Associated Professor, Head of Department "Gazpromproektirovanie"
  • Aleksey Markov, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor; CISSP, IEEE Member; President at NPO Echelon
  • Aleksey Sabanov, PhD (Eng., Grand Doctor), Professor, Deputy General Director, «Aladdin RD»
  • Victor Shved, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Senior Research Officer; Professor of Learning Center «Specproject»

Publisher and founder

«Izdatelskiy Dom «Afina»

98/1 Toreza prospekt, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, 194017
Phone: +7 (921) 958-25-50
Fax: +7 (812) 347-74-12
Branch office in Moscow: +7 (903) 121-90-76
E-mail: magazine@inside-zi.ru, magazine@inside-zi.ru
Web-site: http://www.inside-zi.ru
Director: Anna Solodilova

Following sections

The following sections are included in the magazine:

  • News and Events
  • Legal and organizational matters
  • Computer systems security
  • Cryptography and Steganography
  • Hi-Tech Crimes, Cyber security
  • Telecommunications
  • Anti-espionage and special information security equipment
  • New technologies
  • Historical articles

Each issue contains a block of articles dedicated to the particular theme, which is determined according to the current situation on the market and based on analysis of audience demands.

Click here to see the issue plan for the nearest period.

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